About Travel Healthy

Travel Healthy is an app developed by travel medicine specialists at Massachusetts General Hospital, in collaboration with researchers at the University of Massachusetts Chan Medical School. Travel Healthy keeps track of symptoms that you may experience and offers a suite of tools to help you stay healthy during your trip. All the data in Travel Healthy is encrypted on the phone and the cloud database using industry-grade algorithms.

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Interested in Research?

If you have upcoming international travel, you’re eligible to participate in a research study using the Travel Healthy app.

We’re Massachusetts General Hospital researchers and we want to learn more about where people experience travel-related illness when they’re abroad. If you decide to participate in the research study, we’ll collect the information you enter into your daily symptom surveys and where you were located when you took them.

No study visits, participation starts 1 day before and ends 3 days after your trip, compensation up to $15.


Study Contact: eholiver@mgh.harvard.edu – 617-643-3677


Symptom Tracking

Take daily surveys to monitor your health while abroad.

Travel Health Notices

Stay up to date with CDC-issued location-based travel health notices

Travel Wallet

Organize your travel and health-related documents in one convenient location

Malaria Med Reminder

Get reminders to take your anti-malarial medication when traveling to a risk area.

Symptom Calendar

Review your health across all trips, and complete surveys to earn rewards

Travel Postcards

Send your travel postcards to family and friends to share your adventures