Anemia and Iron in CKD

Finnian McCausland
Trajectory of hemoglobin changes during CKD, risk factors for anemia, and the association of hemoglobin with outcomes

Ajay Singh
Development of new anemia treatments in patients with kidney disease

Cardiovascular Disease in CKD

Finnian McCausland
Cardio-renal interactions and risk factors for heart failure and CKD progression – observational studies and interventional trials


Sahir Kalim
Protein carbamylation, amino acid balance, and uremic toxins in CKD

Finnian McCausland
Modifiable risk factors for intra-dialytic hypotension and cardiovascular disease in hemodiaysis – observational studies and interventional trials

Geriatric Nephrology and Palliative Care

Sahir Kalim
Chronic pain and opioid use in ESRD patients

Ernest Mandel
Serious Illness Communication in Advanced CKD and ESRD

Mineral Bone Disease

Sagar Nigwekar
Risk factors, pathogenesis, and treatment of calcific uremic arteriolopathy (calciphylaxis)

Nutrition in CKD

Lea Borgi
Nutrition and Chronic diseases

Kenneth Christopher
Nutritional metabolomics

Sahir Kalim
Protein carbamylation and amino acid therapy in ESRD


Julie Paik
Comparative effectiveness, safety monitoring, prescribing

Infection Prevention and Management

Gary Curhan
Risk factors for infections requiring hospitalization in patients with CKD