Ethics in Nephrology

Valerie Luyckx
Ethics of ESRD care

Ernest Mandel
Resource allocation in AKI and ESRD care

Global Health in Nephrology

Valerie Luyckx
Kidney disease management in low- and middle-income countries

Mohammed Sayegh
Conflict and disaster nephrology: ESRD care in refugee and other stressed populations

Population Health Management

Li-Li Hsiao
Community outreach and education programs (KDSAP)

Mallika Mendu
Development of network-wide CKD registry, population health-based innovations to improve care delivery

Quality and Safety

Merranda Logan
1) Hospital and Healthcare System-level leadership in Quality and Patient Safety, including safety event reporting, RCA, Just Culture, regulatory/compliance, quality measurement and quality reporting.
2) System-level leadership in Academic Administration.

Mallika Mendu
Care delivery innovation research to improve quality and safety for kidney disease patients